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Bushshrikes and Allies

Total Number of Species in Family: 46

18 Species for which Mangoverde has photos:
Common Name   Scientific Name     Photos   Videos  Sounds
Brubru   Nilaus afer   300
Northern Puffback   Dryoscopus gambensis   100
Black-backed Puffback   Dryoscopus cubla   600
Marsh Tchagra   Tchagra minuta   100
Black-crowned Tchagra   Tchagra senegala   300
Brown-crowned Tchagra   Tchagra australis   600
Three-streaked Tchagra   Tchagra jamesi   100
Luehder's Bushshrike   Laniarius luehderi   100
Southern Boubou   Laniarius ferrugineus   500
Black-headed Gonolek   Laniarius erythrogaster   200
Crimson-breasted Gonolek   Laniarius atrococcineus   400
Papyrus Gonolek   Laniarius mufumbiri   200
Slate-colored Boubou   Laniarius funebris   400
Rosy-patched Bushshrike   Rhodophoneus cruentus   400
Bokmakierie   Telophorus zeylonus   300
Sulphur-breasted Bushshrike   Telophorus sulfureopectus   500
Doherty's Bushshrike   Telophorus dohertyi   200
Gray-headed Bushshrike   Malaconotus blanchoti   400

28 Species for which Mangoverde lacks photos:
Common Name   Scientific Name     Photos   Videos  Sounds
Pringle's Puffback   Dryoscopus pringlii   000
Red-eyed Puffback   Dryoscopus senegalensis   000
Pink-footed Puffback   Dryoscopus angolensis   000
Large-billed Puffback   Dryoscopus sabini   000
Southern Tchagra   Tchagra tchagra   000
Red-naped Bushshrike   Laniarius ruficeps   000
Braun's Bushshrike   Laniarius brauni   000
Gabela Bushshrike   Laniarius amboimensis   000
Bulo Burti Boubou   Laniarius liberatus   000
Turati's Boubou   Laniarius turatii   000
Tropical Boubou   Laniarius aethiopicus   000
Gabon Boubou   Laniarius bicolor   000
Common Gonolek   Laniarius barbarus   000
Yellow-breasted Boubou   Laniarius atroflavus   000
Sooty Boubou   Laniarius leucorhynchus   000
Fuelleborn's Boubou   Laniarius fuelleborni   000
Mountain Sooty Boubou   Laniarius poensis   000
Gray-green Bushshrike   Telophorus bocagei   000
Olive Bushshrike   Telophorus olivaceus   000
Many-colored Bushshrike   Telophorus multicolor   000
Black-fronted Bushshrike   Telophorus nigrifrons   000
Mt. Kupe Bushshrike   Telophorus kupeensis   000
Four-colored Bushshrike   Telophorus viridis   000
Fiery-breasted Bushshrike   Malaconotus cruentus   000
Lagden's Bushshrike   Malaconotus lagdeni   000
Green-breasted Bushshrike   Malaconotus gladiator   000
Monteiro's Bushshrike   Malaconotus monteiri   000
Uluguru Bushshrike   Malaconotus alius   000


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