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Total Number of Species in Family: 46

15 Species for which Mangoverde has photos:
Common Name   Scientific Name     Photos   Videos  Sounds
Solitary Tinamou   Tinamus solitarius   100
Great Tinamou   Tinamus major   401
Tawny-breasted Tinamou   Nothocercus julius   100
Little Tinamou   Crypturellus soui   102
Brown Tinamou   Crypturellus obsoletus   102
Undulated Tinamou   Crypturellus undulatus   102
Ornate Tinamou   Nothoprocta ornata   200
Chilean Tinamou   Nothoprocta perdicaria   301
Brushland Tinamou   Nothoprocta cinerascens   100
Curve-billed Tinamou   Nothoprocta curvirostris   100
White-bellied Nothura   Nothura boraquira   100
Darwin's Nothura   Nothura darwinii   200
Spotted Nothura   Nothura maculosa   300
Elegant Crested Tinamou   Eudromia elegans   100
Puna Tinamou   Tinamotis pentlandii   200

31 Species for which Mangoverde lacks photos:
Common Name   Scientific Name     Photos   Videos  Sounds
Gray Tinamou   Tinamus tao   000
Black Tinamou   Tinamus osgoodi   000
White-throated Tinamou   Tinamus guttatus   000
Highland Tinamou   Nothocercus bonapartei   000
Hooded Tinamou   Nothocercus nigrocapillus   000
Berlepsch's Tinamou   Crypturellus berlepschi   000
Cinerous Tinamou   Crypturellus cinereus   000
Red-legged Tinamou   Crypturellus erythropus   000
Tepui Tinamou   Crypturellus ptaritepui   000
Pale-browed Tinamou   Crypturellus transfasciatus   000
Brazilian Tinamou   Crypturellus strigulosus   000
Gray-legged Tinamou   Crypturellus duidae   000
Yellow-legged Tinamou   Crypturellus noctivagus   000
Black-capped Tinamou   Crypturellus atrocapillus   000
Slaty-breasted Tinamou   Crypturellus boucardi   000
Choco Tinamou   Crypturellus kerriae   000
Variegated Tinamou   Crypturellus variegatus   000
Thicket Tinamou   Crypturellus cinnamomeus   001
Rusty Tinamou   Crypturellus brevirostris   000
Bartlett's Tinamou   Crypturellus bartletti   000
Small-billed Tinamou   Crypturellus parvirostris   000
Barred Tinamou   Crypturellus casiquiare   000
Tataupa Tinamou   Crypturellus tataupa   001
Red-winged Tinamou   Rhynchotus rufescens   000
Andean Tinamou   Nothoprocta pentlandii   000
Taczanowski's Tinamou   Nothoprocta taczanowskii   000
Lesser Nothura   Nothura minor   000
Chaco Nothura   Nothura chacoensis   000
Dwarf Tinamou   Taoniscus nanus   000
Quebracho Crested Tinamou   Eudromia formosa   000
Patagonian Tinamou   Tinamotis ingoufi   000


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