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American Coot Fulica americana

Described by: Gmelin (1789)
Alternate common name(s): None known by website authors
Old scientific name(s): None known by website authors


Juanita Bay Park, Kirkland, King County, Washington, USA - May 3, 2004 © William Hull  Juanita Bay Park, Kirkland, King County, Washington, USA - May 3, 2004 © William Hull  Juanita Bay Park, Kirkland, King County, Washington, USA - May 3, 2004 © William Hull  Newport, Campbell, Kentucky, USA - Feb 2, 2004 © William Hull  Lake Isabella, Hamilton County, Ohio, USA - Feb 20, 2007 © William Hull 
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North America, West Indies, Central America, and ex. nw. South America;
(1) Se. Alaska, Canada from s. Yukon, s. Mackenzie, nw. and c. Saskatchewan, c. Manitoba, w. and s. Ontario, sw. Quebec, s. New Brunswick, Prince Edward Is. and Nova Scotia and s. through the United States, Mexico (s. Baja, Nayarit, Jalisco, Guadalajara, and Michoacan), Guatemala (Lake Atitlan, Duenas), Nicaragua, nw. Costa Rica (Guanacaste) and the West Indies (Cuba, Isle of Pines, Jamaica, Hispaniola, Virgin Is. (St. John), Grand Cayman Is., and the Bahamas).
Winters s. from se. Alaska, British Columbia, s. through the coastal w. states, and s. from n. Arizona, n. New Mexico, c. Texas, along the lower Mississippi River Valley, and lower Ohio River Valley, and along the Atlantic coasts s. from Maryland to the se. states and casually w. to Hawaii and s. to c. Panama (Canal Zone). West Indies e. to Puerto Rico, St. Croix and s. to Grenada. Possibly as far s. as n. Colombia (Cauca Valley).
(2) E. Andes of c. Colombia in the Cauca Valley, e. of the Andes from c. Boyaca (Lake Tota) s. to Cundinamarca (Sabana de Bogota) and in the c. Andes at Purace National Park. Formerly in to n. Ecuador (Ibarra), but seems to have been extirpated at that location.
North America n. of Mexican border;
Summer: Canada from se. YUK, sw. MAC, interior BCO, ALB, nw. to ce. SAS, c. MAN, sw. and se. ONT, s. QUE, e. NBR s. in the United States in WAS, ORG, CAL, IDH, NEV, UTH, ARZ, MON, WYO, COL, NMX, NDK, SDK, NEB, KAN, OKA, TEX, MIN, WIS, IWA, c. and s. ILL, MOU, w. KTY, w. TEN, ARK, LOU, w. and s. MIS, MIC, n. IND, n. OHO, nw. PEN, w. NYK and c. MAE, and s. along the Atlantic coast in se. NHP, MAS, RID, CNT, se. NYK, NYJ, e. MYD, DEL, e. VIR, e. NCA, e. SCA, s. and se. GEO, FLA, s. ALA, and s. MIS;
Winter: from ex. se. ALK, w. and sc. BCO, lowlands of WAS, ORG, and CAL, w. and s. IDH, c. MON, NEV, UTH, ARZ, sw. and e. COL, NMX, locally in w. and se. SDK, se. NEB, KAN, OKA, TEX, ex. se. MIN, c. WIS, e. from c. IWA, ILL, MOU, ARK, LOU, c. IND, c. OHO, and ex. nw. PEN s. through c. KTY, ec. TEN, MIS, ALA, GEO, FLA, SCA, c. NCA, c. VIR, c. MYD, DEL, NJY, NYK, CON, RID, e. MAS, and se. NHP;


Miami Whitewater County Park, Hamilton County, Ohio, USA - Mar 24, 2002 Source: William Hull
Description: Bird is swimming.

Spring Valley Wildlife Area, Greene/Warren County, Ohio, USA - Mar 31, 2002 Source: William Hull
Description: Four birds are swimming together.


Location unknown - Date unknown Source:
Location unknown - Date unknown Source:


Clements, James F. Birds of the World: A Checklist. Vista, CA: Ibis Publishing Company, 2000.


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