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Eared Grebe Podiceps nigricollis

Described by: Brehm, C. L. (1831)
Alternate common name(s): Black-necked Grebe
Old scientific name(s): Podiceps caspicus


Kasai Rinkan Koen, Tokyo, Japan - Mar 24, 2005 © William Hull  Choshi, Chiba, Japan - Dec 14, 2002 © William Hull  Kasai Rinkan Koen, Tokyo, Japan - Mar 24, 2005 © William Hull  Kasai Rinkan Koen, Tokyo, Japan - Mar 24, 2005 © William Hull  Kasai Rinkan Koen, Tokyo, Japan - Mar 24, 2005 © William Hull 
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Holarctic; W. Palearctic; E. Palearctic; Nearctic; E. and s. Africa;
Four populations;
Fragmented African population;
(1) Breeds locally in w. Europe from Scotland, n. Norway, s. Sweden s. to n. Tunisia, c. France, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, e. and s. Germany, ne. Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Czechoslovakia, e. Austria, Hungary, ne. and s. Yugoslavia (Danube and Sava River basins), Albania, e. Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania across c. Russia to sw. Siberia (upper Ob River, Lake Balkhash, Aral Sea), Kazakhstan (n. Caspian Sea), Caucasus region, Iraq, ne. and ec. Iran and ex. w. China (w. Sinkiang, Tien Shan valley and Tsinghai (Tatung Ho). An isolated population occurs in se. Siberia (Ussuriland), c. Mongolia and ne. China (Manchuria to Liaoning).
Winters from coastal c. Scotland, s. England, the Netherlands, Belgium, France (Loire valley) and locally in Spain, Portugal, n. Switzerland, s. Germany, Italy, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt (Nile valley), Yugoslavia (Adriatic Sea coast), Albania, Greece (Aegean Sea coast), Turkey, ex. s. Russia (Crimea), Iraq (Euphrates delta), Iran, sw. Pakistan and coastal Japan from s. Hokkaido, s. to South Korea and e. China (middle and lower Yangtze River valley, Fukien, c. Yunnan, s. Szechwan to Taiwan and n. Hainan Is.).
(2) Three African populations occur in c. Sudan and c. Ethiopia, Uganda, c. Kenya (Rift Valley lakes including Lake Naivasha, Bogoria and Elmenteita wandering to Lake Turkana, Marsabit, Nairobi and Tsavo regions, Lake Lygarja in Serengeti NP, Crater highlands and Arusha NP) to ex. ne. Tanzania and in w. Namibia, se. Botswana, w. Zimbabwe, se. Mozambique and South Africa.
(3) Breeds in w. Canada in sc. British Columbia, s. Yukon, c. Alberta, c. Saskatchewan, sw. Manitoba and w. United States from c. and s. California, ne. Arizona, nw. New Mexico, ne. Colorado, c. Nebraska, nw. Iowa and w. Minnesota, as well as n. Mexico (n. Baja, Chihuahua). An Isolated population occurs in c. Texas.
Winters from sw. British Columbia, Vancouver Is. on the Pacific coast s. to s. California and s. Nevada, s. Arizona, s. New Mexico, Texas and s. Louisiana s. through Mexico s. to Jalisco to Guatemala and El Salvador.
North America n. of Mexican border;
(3) Summer: se. BCO (Tachick Lake), c. ALB (Cardinal and Fairmont Lakes), s. SAS (Kazan Lake), sc. MAN (Shoal Lake) s. to e. WAS, e. ORG, CAL, IDH, MON, NDK, c. MIN, ex. nw. IWA, SDK, n. NEB, n. and w. COL, WYO, UTH, NEV, c. ARZ, c. NMX and locally in c. TEX;
Winter: coastal s. BCO, WAS, ORG, CAL, inland to n. ARZ, n. NMX, c. TEX and c. LOU.


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Location unknown - Date unknown Source: ETI BioInformatics


Clements, James F. Birds of the World: A Checklist. Vista, CA: Ibis Publishing Company, 2000.


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