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Puerto Rico

Common Name   Scientific Name     Photos
Great Southern White   Ascia monuste   1
Antillean Mimic-White   Dismorphia spio   1
Bartramís Scrub-Hairstreak   Strymon acis   3
Ceraunus Blue   Hemiargus ceraunus   10
Zebra Heliconian   Heliconius charithonia   1
Gulf Fritillary   Agraulis vanillae   8
Mexican Fritillary   Euptoieta hegesia   1
Tropical Buckeye   Junonia genoveva   1
Mangrove Buckeye   Junonia everete   3
White Peacock   Anartia jatrophae   9
Red Rim   Biblis hyperia   1
Florida Purplewing   Eunica tatila   3
Pale Cracker   Hamadryas amphichloe   5
Puerto Rican Leafwing   Anaea borinquenalis   3
Soldier   Danaus eresimus   2
Zestos Skipper   Epagyreus zestos   1
Dorantes Longtail   Urbanus dorantes   4
Long-tailed Skipper   Urbanus proteus   6
Hairy Duskywing   Ephyriades arcas   2
Purple-washed Skipper   Panoquina sylvicola   2
Violet-banded Skipper   Nyctelius nyctelius   1


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