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Aeshnidae (Darners)

Scientific Name   Common Name     Photos
Aeshna canadensis   Canada Darner   6
Aeshna cyanea   Blue Hawker   2
Aeshna grandis   Brown Hawker   1
Aeshna interrupta   Variable Darner   7
Aeshna mixta   Migrant Hawker   10
Aeshna palmata   Paddle-tailed Darner   11
Aeshna subartica   Subartic Darner   1
Aeshna tuberculifera   Black-tipped Darner   5
Aeshna umbrosa   Shadow Darner   18
Aeshna verticalis   Green-striped Darner   2
Anax junius   Common Green Darner   35
Anax longipes   Comet Darner   2
Anax strenuus   Hawaiian Darner   2
Basiaeschna janata   Springtime Darner   20
Coryphaeschna adnexa   Blue-faced Darner   3
Coryphaeschna ingens   Regal Darner   1
Coryphaeschna viriditas   Mangrove Darner   4
Epiaeschna heros   Swamp Darner   12
Nasiaeschna pentacantha   Cyrano Darner   4
Rhionaeschna multicolor   Blue-eyed Darner   13
Rhionaeschna mutata   Spatterdock Darner   3
Triacanthagyna septima   Pale-green Darner   3


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