Mangoverde :: Dragonflies :: Corduliidae (Emeralds)

Corduliidae (Emeralds)

Scientific Name   Common Name     Photos
Dorocordulia libera   Racket-tailed Emerald   2
Epitheca cynosura   Common Baskettail   1
Epitheca princeps   Prince Baskettail   15
Helocordulia uhleri   Uhler's Sundragon   7
Neurocordulia molesta   Smoky Shadowdragon   7
Neurocordulia yamaskanensis   Stygian Shadowdragon   7
Somatochlora filosa   Fine-lined Emerald   3
Somatochlora hineana   Hine's Emerald   2
Somatochlora linearis   Mocha Emerald   14
Somatochlora tenebrosa   Clamp-tipped Emerald   20


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