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Gomphidae (Clubtails)

Scientific Name   Common Name     Photos
Aphylla williamsoni   Two-striped Forceptail   1
Arigomphus pallidus   Gray-green Clubtail   8
Arigomphus submedianus   Jade Clubtail   3
Arigomphus villosipes   Unicorn Clubtail   27
Davidioides martini     1
Dromogomphus spinosus   Black-shouldered Spinyleg   25
Dromogomphus spoliatus   Flag-tailed Spinyleg   27
Erpetogomphus compositus   White-belted Ringtail   17
Erpetogomphus designatus   Eastern Ringtail   23
Erpetogomphus lampropeltis   Serpent Ringtail   2
Gomphus crassus   Handsome Clubtail   15
Gomphus exilis   Lancet Clubtail   16
Gomphus externus   Plains Clubtail   17
Gomphus fraternus   Midland Clubtail   45
Gomphus graslinellus   Pronghorn Clubtail   17
Gomphus lividus   Ashy Clubtail   13
Gomphus quadricolor   Rapids Clubtail   17
Gomphus spicatus   Dusky Clubtail   12
Gomphus vastus   Cobra Clubtail   35
Gomphus viridifrons   Green-faced Clubtail   2
Hagenius brevistylus   Dragonhunter   19
Ophiogomphus occidentis   Sinuous Snaketail   3
Ophiogomphus rupinsulensis   Rusty Snaketail   13
Platygomphus dolabratus     2
Progomphus borealis   Gray Sanddragon   1
Progomphus obscurus   Common Sanddragon   4
Stylogomphus albistylus   Eastern Least Clubtail   12
Stylurus notatus   Elusive Clubtail   8
Stylurus olivaceus   Olive Clubtail   10
Stylurus plagiatus   Russet-tipped Clubtail   30
Stylurus spiniceps   Arrow Clubtail   2


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