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Libellulidae (Skimmers)

Scientific Name   Common Name     Photos
Brachymesia furcata   Red-tailed Pennant   3
Brachymesia gravida   Four-spotted Pennant   6
Brachymesia herbida   Tawny Pennant   7
Bradinopyga geminata     1
Celithemis amanda   Amanda's Pennant   5
Celithemis elisa   Calico Pennant   26
Celithemis eponina   Halloween Pennant   18
Celithemis fasciata   Banded Pennant   8
Celithemis ornata   Ornate Pennant   7
Crocothemis servilia   Scarlet Skimmer   5
Dythemis nigrescens   Black Setwing   1
Dythemis rufinervis   Red Setwing   4
Dythemis sterilis   Brown Setwing   5
Erythemis plebeja   Pin-tailed Pondhawk   2
Erythemis simplicicollis   Common Pondhawk   33
Erythemis vesiculosa   Great Pondhawk   8
Erythrodiplax berenice   Seaside Dragonlet   12
Erythrodiplax justiniana   Antillean Dragonlet   1
Erythrodiplax minuscula   Little Blue Dragonlet   4
Erythrodiplax umbrata   Band-winged Dragonlet   23
Ladona deplanata   Blue Corporal   27
Ladona julia   Chalk-fronted Corporal   2
Leucorrhinia frigida   Frosted Whiteface   3
Leucorrhinia intacta   Dot-tailed Whiteface   4
Libellula auripennis   Golden-winged Skimmer   5
Libellula axilena   Bar-winged Skimmer   6
Libellula comanche   Comanche Skimmer   1
Libellula croceipennis   Neon Skimmer   2
Libellula cyanea   Spangled Skimmer   18
Libellula flavida   Yellow-sided Skimmer   18
Libellula forensis   Eight-spotted Skimmer   4
Libellula incesta   Slaty Skimmer   18
Libellula luctuosa   Widow Skimmer   13
Libellula needhami   Needham's Skimmer   10
Libellula pulchella   Twelve-spotted Skimmer   11
Libellula quadrimaculata   Four-spotted Skimmer   5
Libellula saturata   Flame Skimmer   2
Libellula semifasciata   Painted Skimmer   11
Libellula vibrans   Great Blue Skimmer   20
Macrodiplax balteata   Marl Pennant   1
Macrothemis celeno   Antillean Sylph   2
Micrathyria aequalis   Spot-tailed Dasher   4
Micrathyria dissocians   Caribbean Dasher   3
Micrathyria occipita     1
Nannophya pygmaea     1
Nannothemis bella   Elfin Skimmer   7
Orthemis discolor   Carmine Skimmer   4
Orthemis ferruginea   Roseate Skimmer   7
Orthetrum albistylum   White-tailed Skimmer   4
Orthetrum brunneum   Southern Skimmer   1
Orthetrum glaucum     1
Pachydiplax longipennis   Blue Dasher   26
Paltothemis lineatipes   Red Rock Skimmer   4
Pantala flavescens   Wandering Glider   21
Pantala hymenaea   Spot-winged Glider   15
Perithemis domitia   Slough Amberwing   4
Perithemis intensa   Mexican Amberwing   3
Perithemis tenera   Eastern Amberwing   18
Plathemis lydia   Common Whitetail   17
Pseudoleon superbus   Filigree Skimmer   1
Pseudothemis zonata     1
Rhyothemis triangularis     1
Sympetrum ambiguum   Blue-faced Meadowhawk   15
Sympetrum corruptum   Variegated Meadowhawk   5
Sympetrum costiferum   Saffron-winged Meadowhawk   1
Sympetrum danae   Black Meadowhawk   5
Sympetrum obtrusum   White-faced Meadowhawk   9
Sympetrum occidentale   Western Meadowhawk   4
Sympetrum pallipes   Striped Meadowhawk   19
Sympetrum rubicundulum   Ruby Meadowhawk   18
Sympetrum sanguineum   Ruddy Darter   11
Sympetrum semicinctum   Band-winged Meadowhawk   8
Sympetrum vicinum   Autumn Meadowhawk   26
Tramea abdominalis   Vermilion Saddlebags   3
Tramea calverti   Striped Saddlebags   7
Tramea carolina   Carolina Saddlebags   12
Tramea lacerata   Black Saddlebags   18
Tramea onusta   Red Saddlebags   3
Uracis fastigiata     1
Uracis imbuta     5


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