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Coenagrionidae (Pond Damsels)

Scientific Name   Common Name     Photos
Amphiagrion saucium   Eastern Red Damsel   8
Argia agrioides   California Dancer   8
Argia anceps     1
Argia apicalis   Blue-fronted Dancer   15
Argia bipunctulata   Seepage Dancer   12
Argia emma   Emma's Dancer   6
Argia fumipennis   Variable Dancer   12
Argia moesta   Powdered Dancer   12
Argia pulla     7
Argia sedula   Blue-ringed Dancer   10
Argia tibialis   Blue-tipped Dancer   10
Argia translata   Dusky Dancer   16
Argia vivida   Vivid Dancer   7
Chromagrion conditum   Aurora Damsel   5
Enallagma aspersum   Azure Bluet   19
Enallagma basidens   Double-striped Bluet   24
Enallagma boreale   Boreal Bluet   3
Enallagma carunculatum   Tule Bluet   8
Enallagma civile   Familiar Bluet   24
Enallagma clausum   Alkali Bluet   5
Enallagma coecum   Antillean Bluet   5
Enallagma cyathigerum   Common Bluet   2
Enallagma doubledayi   Atlantic Bluet   2
Enallagma ebrium   Marsh Bluet   3
Enallagma exsulans   Stream Bluet   23
Enallagma geminatum   Skimming Bluet   9
Enallagma hageni   Hagen's Bluet   3
Enallagma praevarum   Arroyo Bluet   1
Enallagma signatum   Orange Bluet   14
Enallagma traviatum   Slender Bluet   10
Enallagma vesperum   Vesper Bluet   1
Hesperagrion heterodoxum   Painted Damsel   3
Ischnura cervula   Pacific Forktail   7
Ischnura elegans   Common Bluetail   2
Ischnura hastata   Citrine Forktail   12
Ischnura perparva   Western Forktail   1
Ischnura posita   Fragile Forktail   13
Ischnura ramburii   Rambur's Forktail   15
Ischnura verticalis   Eastern Forktail   18
Megalagrion nigrohamatum   Blackhook Hawaiian Damselfly   1
Nehalennia gracilis   Sphagnum Sprite   9
Nehalennia irene   Sedge Sprite   7
Telebasis dominica   West Indian Firetail   3
Telebasis salva   Desert Firetail   2


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