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Lestidae (Spreadwings)

Scientific Name   Common Name     Photos
Archilestes californica   California Spreadwing   6
Archilestes grandis   Great Spreadwing   12
Lestes australis   Southern Spreadwing   4
Lestes congener   Spotted Spreadwing   22
Lestes disjunctus   Northern Spreadwing   2
Lestes dryas   Emerald Spreadwing   2
Lestes eurinus   Amber-winged Spreadwing   11
Lestes forficula   Rainpool Spreadwing   2
Lestes inaequalis   Elegant Spreadwing   2
Lestes rectangularis   Slender Spreadwing   12
Lestes sponsa   Common Spreadwing   8
Lestes spumarius   Antillean Spreadwing   3
Lestes vigilax   Swamp Spreadwing   7
Lestes viridis   Western Willow Spreadwing   2


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