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White Tern Gygis alba

Described by: Sparrman (1786)
Alternate common name(s): Angel Tern, Common White-tern, Atlantic White-tern, Atlantic White Tern, Common White Tern, Little White Tern, Little Fairy Tern, Fairy Tern, Little White-tern, Little Fairy-tern
Old scientific name(s): Gygis microrhyncha


Seychelles - Aug, 2001 © Giuliano Gerra and Silvio Sommazzi  Cousin Island, Seychelles - Nov, 1992 © Don Roberson  French Frigate Shoals, Northwest Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii, USA - Sep 20, 2006 © Cory Gregory 
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Tropical Oceans;
(1) S. Atlantic Ocean Is. (Fernando de Noronha, South Trinidade, Ascension Is., Martin Vas Rocks and St. Helena) and islands off w. Central America (Clipperton Is. of w. Mexico and Cocos Is. off Costa Rica and the Galapagos) s. to Malpelo Is. off Colombia, Easter Is. and Sala-y-Gomez Is., and e. Brazil (ne. Bahia). W. Hawaiian Is. (Laysan Is. and Kure e. to Kaula off Oahu local near Honolulu near Diamond Head, Kapiolani Park, Thomas Square, Fort DeRussey and Iolani Palace grounds). S. China Sea (Paracel Is.) s. to Bismarck Archipelago (Wuvulu, Ninigo and Tench Is.) and tropical Pacific Ocean Is. in Melanesia including the Line, Caroline, Marshall and Phoenix Is. Norfolk Is. and Kermadec Is.
Disperses to e. Australia (Queensland and New South Wales).
(2) Indian Ocean from Madagascar, Mascarene, Comoros Is., Seychelles and Chagos Is. to sc. Pacific Ocean Is. on Tonga, Western Samoa, Society Is. Birds in the Marquesas Is. (Hatutu) might be associated with this race or with (4).
(3) Henderson Is. and Pitcairn Is.
(4) Marquesas Is. from Eiao to Fatu Hiva Is. Birds in the Marquesas Is. (Hatutu) might be associated with this race or with (2). This race may also include birds from the Phoenix Is. and Line Is.


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