5 Beautiful Butterfly Species

We all appreciate butterflies. They are wonderful to look at and there are many different types of them. These wonderful creatures add a bit of fun, excitement, and joy to our lives.

We love the story behind how they go from caterpillar to butterfly over time.

It inspires us and gives us hope for what could be in our lives.

Indeed, butterflies are an integral part of nature. They beautify nature and help in other processes such as pollination and spreading of seats. There are multiple types of butterflies based on their genus and species. Here in the butterfly guide, we will discuss the most beautiful butterflies.

Mangrove Buckeye

Mangrove Buckeye is usually found in the areas of Central America and South America. It has a brown body upside down with a narrow orange band on the edges of the wings. In addition, it got its name as mangrove Buckeye because the Caterpillar eats the leaves of mangrove trees. Moreover, the Caterpillar also habitats on the mangrove tree until it becomes an adult. The adult mangrove buckeye butterfly feeds on flower nectar just like other butterflies. Although mangrove buckeye is not near extinction, it still needs conservation in areas of South Florida.

Orthemis discolor

Orthemis discolor belongs to the family of dragonflies. It is commonly known as a carmine skimmer and orange-bellied skimmer. Orthemis discolor is bright pink with some purplish or red spots. The face of orthemis color is usually more colorful than its body, and the eyes are darker than the whole body. It is found in the regions of South and Central America. Orthemis discolor usually prefers to habitat in shady areas or temporary pools or swamps.

Blue Morpho

Blue Morpho is also amongst some of the most beautiful butterflies globally. This is because of its sparkling blue color and its shades. The upper side of the blue morpho has a dark blue color which is different from the color of the lower side of its body. In addition to this, the downside is also blue with shades of brown and eyespots.

Blue Morpho is commonly found in South America, Central America, and Mexico.

Glasswinged Butterfly

Glass winged butterfly is listed amongst the most beautiful butterflies in the world because of its glassy transparent wings. These wings help the butterfly to camouflage itself in dangerous situations when predators are around. Glass winged butterflies are most commonly found in the tropical rainforest of South and Central America.

Although the wings might look transparent due to their transparency, they can carry almost 40 times their weight.

Sunset Moth

Sunset Moth is endemic to regions in Madagascar. They usually occur during months from March to August. In addition, it has colorful wings and tail and seems like a swallowtail butterfly. It can grow about 11 centimeters in length. It has black, green, and orange shades all over its body.

There Are Many Beautiful Butterflies in the World

Conclusively, there are multiple butterflies in the list of most beautiful Butterflies but mentioned above are some of the most beautiful ones commonly found in areas of America.

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