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Red-rumped Swallow Cecropis daurica

Described by: Laxmann (1769)
Alternate common name(s): Black-vented Swallow, Lesser Striated Swallow, Ceylon Swallow, West African Swallow, West African Striated Swallow, Lowland Swallow, Golden-rumped Swallow, Sykes's Striated Swallow, Sykes' Striated Swallow, Striated Swallow
Old scientific name(s): Hirundo daurica


Amboseli National Park, Kenya - Jun 13, 2009 © Glen Tepke  Nakuru National Park, Kenya - Jun 14, 2009 © Glen Tepke  Marrakech, Morocco - Mar 18, 2004 © Alain Fossť  Marrakech, Morocco - Mar 18, 2004 © Alain Fossť  Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India - Apr 2, 2005 © Jugal Tiwari 
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S. Europe, n., w., and e. Africa e. through the Middle East to s. and e. Asia;
Fragmented distribution;
(1) Sw. and s. Europe (Portugal in the Biara Baixa Region along the upper Rio Tejo, Spain, s. France, Corsica, Italy, s. Balkans, Greece and Cyprus), North Africa (Morocco to w. Algeria), e. in w. and s. Turkey, Levant s. to Israel, ne. Saudi Arabia, ne. Iraq, w. and s. Iran, n. Afghanistan, Transcaspia e. to Turkestan and e. Kazakhstan, n. Pakistan, nw. India in the Himalayas of Kashmi and Himachal Pradesh and probably w. China (Tien Shan).
Winters in Africa and sw. Asia.
(2) C. Asia in ne. Kazakhstan (Irtysh River region) e. in s. Siberia from the Altai through Transbaicalia and Lake Baikal to se. Russia (w. Amurland and Ussuriland) and n. Inner Mongolia s. to sc. China s. to n. Yunnan.
Winters in s. and se. Asia.
(3) E. Amurland, e. and s. China (Mai Po Marshes, Hong Kong in the spring), Korea, and Japan (c. Honshu s. to Kyushu and Izu Is.).
Winters in se. Asia s. to n. Australia (ne. Western Australia, n. Northern Territory and n. Queensland).
(4) Himalayas e. to se. Tibet (se. Xizang), and n. Burma.
Winters in India.
(5) India from Punjab e. to West Bengal and s.
Winters in s. India and Sri Lanka.
(6) Sri Lanka.
(7) W. Africa from Senegambia and Guinea e. to s. Mali, n. Ghana, c. Beni, s. Niger, Nigeria, n. and c. Cameroon, Central African Republic to s. Sudan, and ex. cw. Ethiopia.
(8) Sierra Leone (Birwa Plateau) and w. Cameroon (Bamenda Highlands).
(9) Highlands of n. Ethiopia and Eritrea. N. Somalia?
(10) E. Africa from se. Sudan, Uganda, e. Zaire, c. Kenya, Tanzania, n. Zambia and Malawi.


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Location unknown - Date unknown Source: ETI BioInformatics


Clements, James F. Birds of the World: A Checklist. Vista, CA: Ibis Publishing Company, 2000.


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