Why You Should Visit Dubai in 2022

Dubai has something that everyone can enjoy, even those who return for a second visit, will find something new to do or see. Thanks to its rich culture, shopping spots, sights and shopping destinations, you will have a breathtaking and unique experience in this magical city.

If you are preparing for a trip to Dubai and you are not sure of the best spots to visit, this article will help you discover seven reasons to visit Dubai this year.

visit Dubai

Insane Architecture

Dubai is among the cities with the most impressive architecture. While vacationing here, you will get an opportunity to see the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, which stands at 828 meters. However, the newly proposed Dubai Creek Tower is anticipated to be the tallest building, surpassing the iconic Burj Khalifa.

The Desert

Dubai offers you the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of the desert. The most thrilling activity to undertake here is the desert safari that draws individuals from all corners. This glamorous adventure takes place at any time of the day and even at night, where you can incorporate stargazing and dune bashing. The day safari lets tourists watch sunrise and sunset over the Arabian Desert. Other desert activities available here are sand skiing and quad biking.

Incredible Food

You can find every food you want in Dubai, from cheap street foods to various expensive cuisines in seven-star restaurants. The cuisines are diverse, considering people come from all around the globe. Tourists can find multiple Pakistani, Lebanese, Indian, Thai, Italian and American restaurants.

The Arabian Sea

Dubai is located on the Arabian Sea, which is famous for its stunning turquoise deep waters and heavenly beaches. It is not essential to stay in an expensive accommodation in order to enjoy the sea. You can go jet skiing and boat riding during sunset or simply lounge on the beach soaking up the sun.

Amazing Cruises

Dubai is also famous for its luxury cruise experiences. There are multiple kinds of cruises to choose from- Some of them offer lavish accommodations in the cabins, best-in-class restaurants, bar areas with piano music playing in the background and much more. The Pearl of Arabia & India Cruise 8867 is a popular cruise where people get treats daily during the trip.

Shopping Paradise

Dubai offers the best shopping experience as it offers tax-free zones: every shopper’s dream! Many shopping places will even provide special offers and discounts from time to time. The mall of Emirates, also known as a shopping resort, is among the best destinations for shopping. You can also head to The Deira Gold Souk, where you can find over 300 retail shops and bargain for price cuts for various items. For a high-end shopping experience, visit Burjuman center for top brands such as Dolce and Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Versace and Christian Dior.

The lack of taxes in Dubai also makes it an attractive destination for tourists and retirees, who can enjoy the city’s many attractions and amenities without having to pay high taxes. Overall, Dubai’s tax policies make it an attractive destination for both individuals and businesses.

Have you ever been to Dubai? If you have not yet visited, booking a vacation to Dubai is the best decision you will ever make. The city offers the most beautiful touristic sites to give you an unforgettable experience.

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